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Early Learning Center Rating

August 15, 2017--At the end of June, we learned that our Early Learning Center (ELC) received a rating of one star after the completion last spring of a Step Up To Quality (SUTQ) assessment. We immediately filed an appeal with the Ohio Department of Education (ODE) but learned this week that they have denied our request for reconsideration.

The rating is based specifically on a singular act. Our former ELC Principal falsified a teacher observation form during the site visit by SUTQ personnel. The assessors concluded, then, that all other forms were in doubt and issued the one-star rating. Had this falsification not occurred, the ELC would have retained its five-star rating as the program, itself, earned enough points to rate in the highest possible range. We will apply for a new rating as soon as we are eligible and expect ODE to complete another assessment before this school year ends.

Despite our current rating, we know that the ELC is an exceptional program for early learners. We offer full and half day classes, transportation, music therapy, nutritious meals, physical education, modern technology in all classrooms, and many more advantages. This fall, we will open a brand new on-site STEM FabLab. Our teachers are highly qualified for and extremely dedicated to their early learning roles. We look forward to another assessment this spring that will focus on the overall high quality of the ELC's program instead of the critical error of an individual who no longer works for our district.

Mission Statement

The Early Learning Center will:
• Create an opportunity for every child to learn in a safe environment.
• Promote children’s strengths while supporting their challenges.
• Establish a bridge between home and school to develop a trusting relationship to optimize each child’s potential.
• Implement evidence-based instruction in foundational literacy and mathematics.
• Provide differentiated instruction to meet every child’s needs.
• Utilize developmentally appropriate practices that include intentional teaching strategies to optimize learning.
• Provide a language enriched environment that promotes functional communication, socialization, and independence.

Vision Statement

Through a language enriched environment that incorporates written words, music, movement and imaginative play, children will socialize and establish relationships with peers, while incorporating the building blocks for kindergarten readiness.
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