Step 1:

This requires completing the online registration form. Before you begin, please gather the following:

  • Household information -- address and phone numbers
  • Parent information -- work and cell phone numbers, email addresses
  • Student information -- demographic and health/medication information
  • Emergency Contact - addresses and phone numbers.


Click the icon above and follow the prompts on the screen to complete the registration form.

Note: Required fields are marked with a red asterisk, and the district will receive the data exactly as it is entered. Please be careful of spelling, capitalization, and punctuation (dates should be entered as MM/DD/YYYY and phone numbers as xxx-xxx-xxxx).


Step 2:

Schedule an appointment, to complete your registration, by calling the Registrar at 216-797-2932 or 216-797-2943.  

Appointments are held at the Euclid Board of Education located at 651 East 222nd Street.

If your child is coming from another school you will need a "Withdrawal Form" from that school.

Step 3: 
Required documents for enrollment
1. Residency Documentation: MUST be provided by all Euclid Residents
  • Renters: current signed leasing contract (rental receipts are not acceptable). Parent/guardian's name must be on the lease. 
  • Homeowners: current mortgage bill or settlement statement

2. Parent/Guardian Documentation 

  • Diver's Licence, state ID, work ID, passport, or social/case worker's ID
  • If applicable, marriage certificate; court papers stamped and dated for Guardianship, custody, divorce, shared parenting, grandparent or Military POA, caretaker affidavit, or journal entry. 

3. Student Documentation 

  • Birth Certificate, hospital birth letter, passport, or baptismal record
  • Immunizations: must be current according to the Ohio Department of Health Immunization Program 
  • School Records: (Withdrawal form/letter, last report card/ withdrawal grades, transcript, test scores (state and standardized), and if applicable (504 Plan, Reading Improvement Plan, Home School Documentation, Gifted Test Scores/WEP) 
  • Special Education Services: current signed copies of the IEP and ETR must be provided at the time of registration.  
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