Sports Hall of Fame

The Euclid High Schools Sports Hall of Fame Committee was created in May, 1987, and established by the Euclid Board of Education in June 1987 (Resolution No. 87-6-298).

Categories and Qualifications for Nominees

A. Athlete:
An athlete’s class must have graduated at least 10 years prior to selection.

B. Coach/Athletic Administrator:
1. A coach or athletic administrator must have served on the staff of the
Euclid Public Schools.
2. He/she must have retired from his/her position or left the school.

C. Honorary:
An honorary nominee must have made a significant impact on the Euclid High
School sports program and would not otherwise qualify as an athlete, coach or
athletic administrator.

D. Criteria:
1. Varsity level of competition (including Girls Athletic Club or Association).
2. Leadership.
3. Impact on athletic program.
4. All-Scholastic, All-Star Team, All-Ohio or State Champion.
5. School, State or National record holder.
6. Postgraduate image and/or sports achievements.

E. Lifetime Achievement in Athletics:
1. Nominee must be from a class which has graduated at least 10 years prior to
2. Must have made a significant impact in the field of athletics as a postgraduate.
3. May not otherwise qualify in another category.
Nomination forms may be obtained by contacting:

Euclid Public Schools Alumni Association
711 East 222 Street
Euclid, OH 44123

2017 Sports Hall of Fame Inductees

Jessica Beard- E'07
Richard Delsanter- E'88
BJ Harrison-E'95
Jerome Jackson- E'03
Cherice May- E'06
Marge McCance- E'85
Chris Papouras- E'86

Dennis Windham- Coach

2016 Sports Hall of Fame Inductees

Henry Altenweg- E'62
Art Gold- E'72
Tim D'Anna- E'82
Jennifer "Heiser" Smith- E'92
Mitika Duncan- E'06
Thaddeus Gibson- E'06
Tim Krofcheck- E'06
Leslie D'Anna-E'71
June Daugherty 
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