Strategic Planning

The Why: Our school district has reached a critical point in its history. Myriad factors have led to consistently poor state “report cards”, and the proliferation of school choice continues to threaten our enrollment. Yet, we passed both our last operating levy and this fall’s bond issue to rebuild our secondary schools and construct a new Early Learning Village. These are signs that our community wants to support Our Euclid schools. We believe that WE provide the best education of any possible options for our children. But, we also acknowledge the need to improve and evolve to sustain ourselves and deliver the best possible instruction and programming for our students and community.

Accordingly, we must strategically position ourselves to better meet our three district goals:
  1. Increase student achievement

  2. Enhance our credibility in the community

  3. Practice fiscal responsibility

The Strategic Planning Process will ultimately develop a clear roadmap for this effort.

December- Introduction
January- Exploration Questions/Data Identification and Collection
February- Data Analysis
March- Research (Best Practices/Other Districts) 
April- Refine Vision/Plan Action Steps
May- Plan Action Steps
June- Prioritize Action Steps (Effectiveness-Alignment-Feasibility-Cost/Benefits) 
February Meeting PowerPoint
February 13, 2017- Strategic Planning powerpoint.
Data Points
This document lists the data points for each pillar in our strategic planning process.
January Meeting PowerPoint
January 9, 2017- Strategic Planning powerpoint
December Meeting PowerPoint
December 12, 2016- Strategic Planning powerpoint introducing the process and pillars that will guide the next five school years (2017-2022).
Vision Questions & Data
Strategic Planning suggestions for Euclid Schools.
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