Positive Behavior Interventions & Supports

What is PBIS

PBIS is an approach our school uses to improve school climate and promote positive behavior. It also guides the way we respond when students don’t follow the behavior expectations. Our school has three broad behavior expectations, which are taught throughout the year to all students. Students are acknowledged for following the expectations through verbal praise, special events and tangible rewards. Those students who struggle with appropriate behavior are redirected through re-teaching of expectations and other proactive approaches. All strategies used in PBIS are research-based with the ultimate goal being to develop positive, predictable and safe learning environments.

Arbor PBIS Expectations 
Respectful, Responsible, Ready to learn

How do we acknowledge positive behavior?

  • PBIS All Star student of the week for each class
  • Shooting Star Award for any student recognized for following the PBIS Expectation by any staff member
  • Reach for the stars tickets for individual or class behavior (20 tickets earns a star sticker, 20 stars earns a class party from the principal)
  • Regular monthly incentives based on less than three minor incident reports and no referrals

How can parents be involved?

Parent support is important for the success of PBIS. Our building has a PBIS team which includes parent representatives. Parents are also encouraged to assist with PBIS events and fundraising. In addition, reinforcing the school-wide expectations at home helps students to be successful at school.

Awards & Recognition

Bronze and Silver for PBIS implementation of Tier 1 and Tier 2

PBIS Tiered Fidelity Inventory

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