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Board of Education

The Euclid Board of Education is made up of five members who serve as the governing board for the Euclid City School District. These members are elected officials and serve on the board for a term of four years. The functions of the Board are:
  • To serve as a policy-making body.
  • To appoint a Superintendent of Schools to provide leadership to the administrative team working within the limits of Board policy and state statutes.
  • To appoint a Treasurer.
  • To consider, approve, or reject policies recommended by the Superintendent.
  • To approve educational standards and goals.
  • To approve the appointment of teachers and other staff members.
  • To approve the annual budget for each fiscal year.
  • To approve a master calendar annually.
  • To evaluate the Superintendent and Treasurer on a regular and routine basis.
  • To serve as the chief advisor to the Superintendent on community attitudes.
If you would like to contact the Board Office, please call 216.261.2900.
Kathy DeAngelis, Board President
344 East 266th Street, Euclid, Ohio 
   216.978.1802 (home)
   [email protected]
   Education: B.S., Business Administration,      Franklin 

Donna Sudar, Board Vice President
19420 South Lake Shore Boulevard, Euclid, Ohio
   216.906.9084 (cell)
   [email protected]
   Education: B.S., SUNY College of 
Environmental Science and Forestry/Syracuse University

 Pamela Turos 
  20150 Lakeshore Blvd Euclid, Ohio 44123 
  Education: B.S., Social Work, Youngstown State
  Selina Wright
 26011 Lakeshore Blvd #105 Euclid, Ohio 44132

  [email protected]
  Education: B. A., Liberal Arts and Social Sciences, Hiram College; M.A. in Social Work, Cleveland State

 Gabrielle Kelly
  384 Babbitt Road, Euclid, Ohio 
  [email protected]
  Education: B.A., Boston University; J.D., Case Western Reserve University


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