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Registration & Forms


Step 1:

This requires completing the online registration form. Before you begin, please gather the following:

  • Household information -- address and phone numbers
  • Parent information -- work and cell phone numbers, email addresses
  • Student information -- demographic and health/medication information
  • Emergency Contact - addresses and phone numbers.


Click the icon above and follow the prompts on the screen to complete the registration form.

Note: Required fields are marked with a red asterisk, and the district will receive the data exactly as it is entered. Please be careful of spelling, capitalization, and punctuation (dates should be entered as MM/DD/YYYY and phone numbers as xxx-xxx-xxxx).


Step 2:

After submitting your online registration, you will be prompted to schedule an appointment to complete the registration process at the Student Services Department in the Memorial Park Building at 22800 Fox Ave., Euclid, Ohio 44123). 

If your child is coming from another school you will need a "Withdrawal Form" from that school.

Step 3: 
Required documents for enrollment
1. Residency Documentation: MUST be provided by all Euclid Residents
  • Renters: current signed leasing contract (rental receipts are not acceptable). Parent/guardian's name must be on the lease. 
  • Homeowners: current mortgage bill or settlement statement
  • All renters and homeowners must provide two (2) forms of business mail with the parent/guardian's name and current address. Examples: utility bills, tax statement, paycheck stub, insurance bill, or bank statement.

2. Parent/Guardian Documentation 

  • Driver's License, state ID, work ID, passport, or social/case worker's ID
  • If applicable, marriage certificate; court papers stamped and dated for Guardianship, custody, divorce, shared parenting, grandparent or Military POA, caretaker affidavit, or journal entry. 

3. Student Documentation 

  • Birth Certificate, hospital birth letter, passport, or baptismal record
  • Immunizations: must be current according to the Ohio Department of Health Immunization Program 
  • School Records: (Withdrawal form/letter, last report card/ withdrawal grades, transcript, test scores (state and standardized), and if applicable (504 Plan, Reading Improvement Plan, Home School Documentation, Gifted Test Scores/WEP) 
  • Special Education Services: current signed copies of the IEP and ETR must be provided at the time of registration.  
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