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Strategic Planning

During the 2016-17 school year, more than 60 parents, residents, civic and business leaders, teachers, and administrators participated in our strategic planning process to help chart the next four years of our district’s evolution. The resulting vision statements, action steps, benchmarks, and timelines are contained in the above document, entitled, “Our Euclid: 2016-2021.” The following paragraphs describe the process we used to build this critical blueprint. The Strategic Planning Committee meets on a quarterly basis.


December- Introduction
January- Exploration Questions/Data Identification and Collection
February- Data Analysis
March- Research (Best Practices/Other Districts) 
April- Refine Vision/Plan Action Steps
May- Plan Action Steps
June- Prioritize Action Steps (Effectiveness-Alignment-Feasibility-Cost/Benefits) 
Quarterly Meetings 


February 13, 2017- Strategic Planning powerpoint.
This document lists the data points for each pillar in our strategic planning process.
January 9, 2017- Strategic Planning powerpoint
December 12, 2016- Strategic Planning powerpoint introducing the process and pillars that will guide the next five school years (2017-2022).
Strategic Planning suggestions for Euclid Schools.
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