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Weekly Callout May 2

 thank you card to school cafeteria workers


Honoring our school lunch heroes

School Lunch Hero day, which is today, is the perfect day to recognize and thank those who provide healthy meals to nearly 30 million of America’s students each school day. This day, celebrated annually since 2013, was designated by The School Nutrition Association and Jarrett Krosoczka, author of the “Lunch Lady” graphic novel series.

If there was ever a time to spot light our school nutrition professionals, it is now given all that they are doing to feed Euclid’s children. During these uncertain times, the foodservice staff, as well as many volunteers, have been deemed as "Essential Employees" and continue to help keep the children of Euclid well nourished and healthy, while at home completing this school year.  Since this pandemic has started, we have served well over 71,000 meals and will continue to do so until the school year is over.  

Thank you to all of our school lunch heroes for what you are doing now and what you do throughout the school year as well. 


Connecting with students overseas

Euclid High School Spanish teacher Elizabeth Munro started her Shared Voices Exchange project a couple of years ago so that students could exchange ideas with people from another country. It has taken on new meaning this school year as they talked to students in Spain. 

Elizabeth MunroMs. Munro started collaborating with Raquel Vasquez, a teacher in Madrid, at the start of this school year. Munro’s students drew portraits of themselves, wrote paragraphs in Spanish describing themselves and sent them to the students overseas. Ms. Munro became worried when COVID-19 hit Spain and she did not hear from Raquel for a while. 

“Feeling worried about how our partners in Spain were faring, I asked my students to write short encouraging messages to their partners,” she said. “I figured if the Spanish students were bored and stuck at home, they may open up the blog. I wanted them to know that we were aware of their struggle and that we empathize with them.”

Ms. Munro’s students have also been blogging about their experiences, including the stress that they feel.  Some have family members with the virus and others have family working essential jobs or in the medical field.  Ms. Munro, a “news junkie,” shared four Associated Press photos and asked students to respond to them in English or Spanish.

She said that she hopes students understand that they are not alone in their feelings of isolation, and perhaps find comfort in that.

“I hope they learn that our world is a globally connected place, that what happens in a faraway place can impact our lives here,” she said. 

“I also hope that even in times of crisis, we can find companionship, understanding, and joy.”

I share her hope and wish you all are doing well.

Congratulations to teachers earning tenure

At the April 29th Board Meeting, the Euclid City Schools Board of Education recognized the following teachers as earning tenure status:

  • Caitlin Cekada, Bluestsone Elementary 

  • Allandra Davis, Euclid High School

  • Raymomd Gruszewski, Central Middle School

  • Kelly Newberry, Bluestsone Elementary 

  • Jonetta Reed, Central Middle School

  • Dionna Walling, Euclid High School

Please join me in congratulating these teachers for demonstrating the highest quality of professionalism and thus earning tenure status.  We are proud that you teach in the Euclid City Schools.

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