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Weekly Callout June 19

The Weekly Callout

Sharing Our Story
I created the Weekly Callout to keep you informed about how we're preparing Euclid's children for success. The purpose is so you can learn more about the wonderful initiatives and programs going on around the district.


Reminder | Back-to-School Survey for Parents

Parents, have you completed your back-to-school survey yet?

To prepare for the next school year, we are asking every parent to complete this brief survey about your family and children’s experience since the Governor ordered schools closed in March, and your expectations for next year. Simply put, your responses will help us serve students better in the upcoming year.

Every answer is correct, because we need your feedback and input. You will be able to complete it in about ten minutes. On behalf of our Board, teachers, and staff, please take this vital survey now. Thank you.

Back-to-School Survey
 Message from the Ohio Education Association

The COVID-19 pandemic has illuminated and exacerbated the inequities in our communities for everything from access to basic technology for distance learning to access to adequate nutritious food. Federal funding from a coronavirus relief package aims to address the nutrition issue by providing assistance to families with a child who received free or reduced-price meals at school. This is being done through the new Pandemic Electronic Benefits Transfer (P-EBT) program that is being rolled out in Ohio to help families impacted by coronavirus-related school closures. 

Ohio Education Association leaders and members are asked to share information about the P-EBT program with the school communities and families they serve to ensure everyone who is eligible receives the money allocated for them. Full information about the P-EBT program, including outreach materials in several languages, can be found at www.ohiopebt.org

Families will receive P-EBT funds if their child was in grades K-12 in the 2019-2020 school year and received free or reduced-price meals under the National School Lunch Program or attended a school where every student gets free meals. Using P-EBT does not affect a person’s immigration status. A person cannot be deemed inadmissible for using P-EBT funds.

Families who qualify for P-EBT funds will be automatically enrolled in the program, but they need to look for mailings from the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services (ODJFS) that will come in white, non-descript envelopes. These funds are meant to be used in addition to grab-and-go meal sites to meet a child’s nutritional needs. 

Eligible families not currently enrolled in SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, or food stamps) will receive a P-EBT card for each eligible child. Families who currently receive SNAP benefits may receive P-EBT funds on their existing cards, although in some cases, P-EBT cards will also be mailed to the family. Eligible families who do not receive a letter from ODJFS by the end of June should call 1-866-244-0071.

OEA members have been on the front lines of the fight to serve families throughout this pandemic and can help identify and notify the families who can benefit from the P-EBT program.

Celebrating Euclid High School students’ accomplishments

Euclid City Schools celebrated our students’ accomplishments this month as Euclid High School held its senior commencement and released our academic achievement and senior awards virtual ceremony. I know that this isn’t how we had hoped to celebrate their successes and final year, but I’m glad that we had the chance to honor these students.

I am proud of our seniors and other students who worked hard to finish up this year despite the challenges. Congratulations to our academic achievement and senior award winners as well as our valedictorian and top students.
Class of 2020 Top Students
Congratulations to Euclid High School's valedictorian, Kayla Granito!

"Though I am now a Seton Hill University Griffin, I will always be a Euclid Panther," Kayla said. "I thank my parents, brother, friends, and teachers for all the memories and support."

"Kayla Granito has been a beacon of scholarship and discipline during her years at Euclid High School," said Euclid High School College Credit Plus English teacher Mr. Davies. "She arrives at class every day with a mind prepared by study but open to dialogue and discussion. She maintains friendly and respectful relationships with those around her, as she is just as willing to volunteer her own ideas and suggestions as she is to receive those of her teachers and peers. She is an active participant in our performing arts, in which she provides musical accompaniment to our band and show choir. In sum, Kayla is a student whose equanimity and equipoise are an example for us all."

Our Euclid High School top 10 seniors are:
  1. Kayla Granito
  2. Isabella Johnson
  3. Chrislynn Brownlee
  4. Nicolle Fulginiti
  5. Meghan Grisez
  6. Odaj'A Butler
  7. Dylan Gray
  8. Ini-Obong Inyang
  9. Juliana Crose
  10. Alex Bryan
Download the 2020 Euclid High School Senior Commencement Program
Church of the Epiphany, Megan Grisez
Isabella Elizabeth Raguz | CLE Foundation, Leslie Gatewood
Euclid Art Association, Keauntee Redfeam-Riddle
Gail O. Harriett Spinneweber-Sheats Memorial, Janiya Mason
Kiwanis Scholarship, Kayla Granito
Kiwanis Scholarship, Kadaia Williams
Kiwanis Schlarship, Amanita Yansane
Parker Hannifin, Terrance Maddox
Panther Proud Athletic Boosters, Meghan Grisez
Panther Proud Athletic Boosters, Kristen Ross
Panther Proud Athletic Boosters, Kaleb Johnson
Panther Proud Athletic Boosters, Mackenzie McDonald
PTA Scholarship, Meghan Grisez
PTA Scholarship, Kristen Ross
PTA Scholarship, Kaleb Johnson
PTA Scholarship, McKenzie McDonald
Euclid Band & Orchestra Parent Club, Iyana Sickles
Euclid Band & Orchestra Parent Club, Meghan Grisez
Euclid Band & Orchestra Parent Club, Kayla Granito
Euclid Band & Orchestra Parent Club, Xavier Stovall
Euclid Band & Orchestra Parent Club, Kiana Sims
Foundation Scholarships 
Albrecht-Elsa Lillian Albrecht Scholarship, Kayla Granito
Class of 1968, Isabella Johnson
Class of 1968, Artrez Alexander
Freed-Freed Family (Scientific Research), Ini-Obong, Inyang
Grushcow-Bea Grushcow Memorial, Isabella Johnson
Jaycees Technical Scholarship
Mason-Robert and Sherrie Mason, Ashanti Cotton
Raicevich-Mike Raicevich Scholarship, Ayessa Arga
Raicevich-Mike Raicevich Scholarship, Brian Austin
Raicevich-Mike Raicevich Scholarship, Chenelle Bruton
Raicevich-Mike Raicevich Scholarship, Keshon Gunn
Raicevich-Mike Raicevich Scholarship, Da'Shanel Nichols
Raicevich-Mike Raicevich Scholarship, Aminaa Yansane
Schwegler - Walt Schwegler Student and/or Athlete Scholarship, Taylor Curtain
Schwegler - Walt Schwegler Student and/or Athlete Scholarship, Dylan Gray
Shore Commemorative Scholarship, Meghan Grisez
Sports Hall of Fame Student and/or Athlete, Ayanna Bridges
Soltesz - Frank A. Soltesz Memorial, John Brown
Stanic - Dr. Kurt Stanic, Kayla Granito
Stanic - Dr. Kurt Stanic, Isabella Johnson
Taylor - Sam Taylor Memorial, Maggie Elkins
Wightman - Robert Wightman Scholarship, Damon Kane
Jane Barber Gibson (Nursing), Ayanna Bridges
Jane Barber Gibson (Nursing), Chenele Bruton
Euclid Baseball, Prentice Mischer
Ray Fisher Male Baseball, Prentice Mischer
Kessel-Edgar E. Kessel Awards
Jordan Brown
Chrislynn Brownlee
Mariah Childress
Maggie Elkins
Regan French
Nicholle Fulginiti
Iyana Jenkins
Natalya Jones 
Stephanie Martin
Janiya Martin
Anthony McRae
Chianiya Perkins
Kristan Ross
Kiana Sims
Janet Wittine 
2020 Euclid High School Academic Awards and Senior Scholarship Virtual Ceremony

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