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Weekly Callout April 3

  Sharing Our Story
  I created the Weekly Callout to keep you informed about how we're preparing Euclid's children for success. The purpose is so you can learn more about the wonderful initiatives and programs going on around the district. 
Superintendent Christopher Papouras  
Feeding our families

As you know, Euclid City Schools children along with children around the state are now learning at-home throughout the state-ordered extended closure. The change forced us as a district to find a way to provide meal Euclid’s children throughout this period.

Volunteers distributing foodThe district has been preparing two days worth of meals at a time and distributing the meals at our school buildings on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Our teams started serving meals on March 23 and, as of Wednesday, April 1, they had served 14,620 meals. There were 3,500 meals served just on Wednesday.

LeeAnne McKenna, head cook at Central Middle School, shares what it’s like to prepare food during the closure.  She said there are four food service employees at the middle school working to prepare food. Each bag gets two days worth of breakfast and two days worth of lunch food with any needed storing or heating instructions.  Employees and volunteers pass the food out at school buildings from 9 a.m. to noon as parents drive up and volunteers put the meals into the cars.

“It takes about four hours for us to assemble approximately  204 bags, which is 856 meals,” Ms. McKenna said. “It is worrisome to leave home, but it does make you feel good knowing you are helping children stay fed during this time.  I’m also hoping that it gives a little relief to parents.”

Ms. McKenna has been with Euclid City Schools food service for 21 years and has worked as a head cook for 14 years at the middle school. 

“It’s a lot of work to try and make sure you have enough food to serve 500 to 700 children a day,” she said. “I do my ordering of GFS foods, milk, bread and any other items we may need. But I enjoy it, and I am looking forward to the new year at our newly built middle school on East 222nd Street.”

Thank you to Ms. McKenna and our food service staff, as well as our volunteers, for making sure Euclid’s children are fed throughout this time.  Your work is deeply appreciated by not only me but our area families and community as well.

Teaching our children

The extended closure, which will last through May 1 per the latest state order, also forces us to find ways to teach our children at home. Our curriculum department, principals and teachers as well as our students are rising to the challenge.

Euclid High School Head of Campus Janis Svoboda said that, over a seven-day period, 1,519 students had logged on and completed lessons in Schoology.  One-hundred-twenty four teachers had logged on and connected with students while 1,685-course materials had been created for students. That includes 596 assignments, 460 files, 188 links, and 85 discussions.

“Based on the numbers, our teachers and students are doing a PHENOMENAL job under these strenuous circumstances to stay connected, engaged, and to continue learning,” Mrs. Svoboda said. “I simply could not be more proud of their dedication.”

Teachers are finding ways to communicate with students throughout the closure. Arbor Elementary’s principal and teachers created a video  that they shared on Facebook to reach out to their students. The video features inspirational messages to the students.

“Hello Arbor Stars. You are so missed and loved,” one of the teachers said.

I’d like to share the same message with all of our students and families. You are missed and loved. Take care during this extended break. 



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