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Weekly Callout Jan. 31

Telling Our Story

I created the Weekly Callout to keep you informed about how we're preparing Euclid's children for success. 
The purpose is so you can learn more about the wonderful initiatives and programs going on around the district.
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Superintendent Christopher Papouras 


Preparing Students for Success

Our schools strive to teach students the skills they need to be successful. Several of our buildings do so by having programs dedicated to teaching science.

Arbor Elementary, under the direction of Arbor Principal LaWanda Johnson, has created a dedicated science lab to give special meaning to science instruction. District science coach Michelle McGarry said all resources are consolidated in the science room and available for all students to use.

Students in Arbor science room“By having the science resources more visible, they are sparking teachers to incorporate more science into their weekly plans,” she said.

Another benefit? “When students leave their regular classroom they are getting into the mindset of thinking like a scientist. Thinking like a scientist is based on asking and answering questions. Students may design an experiment to try to answer their question and test their hypothesis. From the results of their experiment, they draw conclusions and analyze evidence.”

Michelle Davis, a fifth-grade science teacher at Arbor, said grades 3rd through 5th use the room. It gives them a place to focus solely on science as they attempt to integrate more science into the curriculum. 

“I love it,” she said. “Everywhere they look it’s just science. They get to act like little scientists. It’s nice to have this space.”

She said students seem to be more focused and attentive and are constantly asking questions about what they are learning. 

Chardon Hills Magnet School has also developed a science lab that supports its Engineering is Elementary units. I will share more about Chardon Hills’ lab in an upcoming issue of the Weekly Callout. 

Dedicating time and resources to science instruction helps students meet state science standards. The importance of science education goes beyond that. From the technology they use to the world they live in, science is everywhere in these students’ lives. Resources like the dedicated science room help them understand it better. Learning about scientific methods also teaches them how to ask questions and seek answers in life.

Update on school construction

A group of Central Middle School students and administrators had the opportunity this week to tour the new under-construction middle school. Sixth and seventh-graders saw their new classrooms as well as their new cafeteria and media center. 

The classroom section of the building will be split into pods, each pod with its own common section. Pods are groupings of classrooms separated by grades. Students will be split into teams with each team located in a separate pod. This will enhance the middle school’s team approach as all core subjects will be taught in their team’s pod. It will also cut down on the amount of time needed to transition between classes. 

Other improvements over their current building include updated technology that teachers can use to enhance their learning. The entire building will be maintained at a climate-controlled temperature that supports student learning. There will be enhanced security as well.

Students selected were asked to serve as student ambassadors and tell their friends and family about the new building.

The project is on schedule and the new campus, which includes separate middle and high school buildings, is scheduled to open for the 2020-2021 school year. It will include many other features including an indoor track that will be open to the public. I’m excited about the new campus and will continue to update you on its progress.



Stay informed about Euclid Schools
Euclid City Schools will offer four opportunities for families and community members to learn more about our focus on student achievement, fiscal responsibility and credibility.

Meetings will be held at 7 p.m. on:
  • Feb. 4, Wards 1 and 2, Central Middle School, 20701 Euclid Ave.
  • Feb. 5, Wards 4 and 5, Shore Cultural Centre (Culinary Bistro), 291 E. 222nd St.
  • Feb. 11, Wards 6 and 7, Early Learning Village, 27000 Elinore Ave.
  • Feb. 12, Wards 3 and 8, Bluestone Elementary, 1455 E. 260th St.

Topics will include: Academic progress, 18-hour campus, school construction, career tech, special education programs, district budget, and questions and answers.

Euclid Schools has placed an emergency levy, Issue 27, on the March 17 ballot. Please remember to exercise your right to vote. The voter registration deadline is Feb. 18. More information is available through the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections.

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