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Important school board tax announcement

Since March 2020, Euclid Schools have received additional financial support from several sources. With these funds, the Euclid City Schools will not seek the renewal of the current 5.9 mill, ten-year emergency levy, which is set to expire in 2023.  Allowing this tax issue to expire will result in savings for Euclid property owners.

The additional school funding sources include:

  • A 5.9 mill, 10-year emergency operating issue passed in November 2020 
  • Federal funding from the Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief Funding to help safely reopen and sustain our schools
  • Ohio’s School Fair Funding Plan has recalculated and reconfigured funds distributed to school districts which increased our state funding

The recalculated state funding must be reviewed and approved every two years.  So long as the state continues to provide the recalculated funding and our other revenue remains stable, our Euclid Schools’ budget balance will remain in the positive for the duration of the five-year financial forecast. We have worked diligently to realizing this financial goal.  
The pandemic forced all of us to undergo tremendous change and to reevaluate priorities.  Specifically, our school district had to rethink how we educate our young people.  These additional funding sources allowed our school district to continue to provide high-quality education during the persistent pandemic. Throughout and despite the pandemic, our Euclid Schools remain committed to working with our residents, leaders, and community to improve our collective future.
We are grateful for our community’s financial support of our schools. We know you trust and expect us to be responsible stewards of public funds. Our numerous annual awards from the State Auditor’s office for financial management confirm we are fiscally responsible.
We remain committed to our community, and we urge you to contact any board members with questions and feedback. You can also learn more about our finances at