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Euclid Schools institutes football attendance guidelines

During our September 3rd varsity game, we experienced multiple disturbances by people who came to the game with wrong intentions. We regret that the disturbances leaked into the surrounding neighborhoods after the game. To prevent incidents like this from happening again, the Euclid Schools have made changes to our football ticket and attendance policy. These guidelines include:

  1. Students must purchase pre-sale tickets, and student ticket sales will be limited.

  2. Home and visiting students must have an ID to enter the game. Only students from the participating schools will be permitted entry.

  3. Students in elementary or middle school must be accompanied by a parent or guardian and must remain accompanied by a parent or guardian for the game's duration.

  4. Physical tickets/cash sales will not be available at the main gate. All tickets must be purchased online. https://euclidpanthers.org/sports/2020/11/5/tickets.aspx

  5. Visiting students who purchased pre-sale tickets must enter the Northeast Gate Only.

  6. Home students who purchased pre-sale tickets must enter the Northwest Gate Only.



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