Career Day

Euclid Middle School held its annual Career Day today for 6th through 8th grade students, welcoming over 30 professionals from local businesses to discuss their professions with students and help guide them in their interests.

To celebrate the day, students were encouraged to "dress to impress" a potential employer or wear an outfit that would be appropriate for their dream career. Additionally, teachers, staff and presenters were asked to wear gear from their college, school or business.

To start the day, all EMS students completed a short task in Xello, a college and career readiness program, which helped prepare them for the incoming speakers.

Once Second Period began, classes either welcomed guest speakers, worked on career-related projects, or visited a career fair in the Panther Field House. Some of the guest speakers included a Personal Trainer that owns his own business, Firefighters, Police Officers, an Author, Tradespeople, Business Owners, and Euclid Schools employees.

Additionally, 7th and 8th grade students that have remained referral free throughout the year earned the opportunity to visit the Career Tech programs that are offered at Euclid High School and the Memorial Options Center.

Throughout the day, students were encouraged to ask questions and think about the careers they would like to pursue in the future. Teachers and guest speakers were encouraged to talk to students about how they ended up in their careers, the education and training it took to get to those careers, and the positives and challenges they face in their jobs.