Infinite Campus Parent FAQ's

Infinite Campus Parent FAQ’s

What is Infinite Campus?

Infinite Campus is a secure online tool that Euclid City Schools uses to track and manage student information. It is the official grade book for all grade levels within the school district.

What is the Infinite Campus Parent Portal? 

The Parent Portal is a confidential and secure website where you can get current information about your child's school attendance, behavior, and grades.

What information is included in the Portal? What do I use it for?

When you, as a parent or guardian, login, you have access to information about all of the Euclid Students you are associated with. 

  1. Class schedules, assignments, and grades can be viewed.

  2. E-mail hyperlinks facilitate communication with classroom teachers.

  3. Also, schools post important information on the home page, such as events, notices, etc. Attendance information is also available.

By using the Infinite Campus Online Parent Portal, Euclid City School District provides an online communication tool that can help you as a parent or guardian stay current with your student's Progress.

Who can access the Parent Portal? 

Only parents and guardians designated with legal rights to student records may receive a Parent Portal account with access to student information. Each parent/guardian with such rights receives their own separate account.

Will students have access to the Parent Portal?

All K-12 students are assigned a student portal where they can view their information. Students will log into the student portal using the login information provided by the Euclid School District.


Where can I access the Parent Portal?

To access the Parent Portal, visit the Euclid City Schools website ( and click on the link that says Infinite Campus Parent Portal. You can also download the mobile app from the google play / iOS app store.


Can I access the Parent Portal from anywhere (e.g., home, work, library, etc.)?

Yes, as long as you have access to the internet and a properly functioning computer. You can also access the Parent Portal via an App for Infinite Campus on your Apple or Android device.

How do I create a user account so I can use the Parent Portal?

If you are newly enrolled, you will receive an activation key from the registration department after enrollment is completed if you need assistance with creating your portal account, email


What happens if I forget my ID/password?

Parents may recover their Username/Password by using the Forgot Username or Forgot Password recovery links found on the Campus Parent login page. The system will email Recovery instructions to the Account Security Email address on file in the Campus Parent Account Settings section.


How do I add/change/any of my contact information?

You can update your email address and phone number at any time using the Parent Portal. Click on MORE > FAMILY INFORMATION and select what information needs to be updated. Please Note: To change your address, you must contact your student’s school.


What if I have questions about my child's grades, assignments, etc., that are found in Infinite Campus?

Please contact your child's school and speak with their teacher or guidance counselor.


How often is information updated in the Campus Parent/Student?

Information is updated in real-time. As data is posted, that information is immediately available in Campus Parent. Users that do not have an Account Security Email address in the system will not be able to use the recovery links and will need to email


Do I need any special software?

To effectively access your Infinite Campus Portal account, you will need: 

  1. Internet Access.

  2. Computer with a processor speed of 500 MHz or better (MAC or PC).

  3. Web Browser - we suggest Chrome or Firefox.

  4. Adobe Reader - This is a free document reader available for download on the web at are some Infinite Campus reports that require the Adobe Reader.


How can I get help navigating this system?

For assistance with navigating the parent portal, contact the Euclid City School District Technology Department via


How do I report problems, comments, or suggestions?

If your issue relates to your student's grades or other classroom information, please contact your student's teachers. For assistance with the Parent Portal or to obtain general Infinite Campus, information sends your name, your phone number, student’s name, student’s grade level, school student attends, and a brief description of your issue. 


This is not an automated system. Response time to any issue is typically within an hour M-F between 8:00 am & 4:30 pm. If you have not received a response within 72 business hours, your email was not received, please send your email again.