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The Ohio Department of Education (ODE) requires all public school districts to identify students who are gifted according to ODE criteria. Once identified, the responsibility for providing services to gifted students is left to the decision of each local Board of Education. As a result, gifted services vary greatly from district to district in Ohio. Because we strive to meet the needs of all learners, the Euclid City School District takes its responsibility to identify and serve gifted students very seriously.

Euclid Schools is committed to providing a continuum of programs and services for all students. Gifted students may need curriculum modifications, acceleration, self-contained classes and/or enrichment. Instruction is differentiated to provide all students appropriate pacing and support necessary for advanced-level learning. The links to the right will guide you to additional information about gifted identification and services in our Euclid Schools.

Elementary students in  first grade and fifth grade are given the Cognitive Abilities Test for possible gifted identification in superior cognitive ability and creative thinking ability.

Students in grades two through nine are screened three times a year using the iReady Assessment for possible gifted identification in the subject areas of math and reading. Additional assessment opportunities are available at the request of the parent/guardian.

The Euclid City Schools elementary gifted program is housed at Chardon Hills Elementary for students in grades two through five.

Principals Contact Information:

Arbor Elementary: Lawanda Prettyman 
Office: 216-797-6201

Bluestone Elementary: Cherree Mason
Office: 216-797-6301

Chardon Hills STEM: Stacie Spears
Office: 216-797-6401

Euclid Middle School: Sherri Daniels
Office: 216-797-5301

Shoreview Elementary: Dr. Donisha Bailey-Franklin 
Office: 216-797-6501


Gifted Staff

Chardon Hills STEM School Gifted Staff 

Second Grade: Julie Spohn

Third Grade: Nina Zuzek 

Fourth Grade: Jennifer Redford

Fifth Grade: Amanda Haney

Euclid Schools Gifted Education Contacts  

Gifted Coordinator: Rachael Seifert

Curriculum Director: Becky Mamich  

Gifted Documents

Gifted Referral Form

District Identification Policy & Service Plan

Parent Resources

Handbook for Parents of Gifted Children

The Young Gifted Child

National Association for Gifted Children

Ohio Association for Gifted Children

Hoagies' Gifted Education Page