Teacher Grant Opportunities

Grant Application Protocol

Download the Grant Application Treasurer Approval Form here.

  1. Prior to sending any grant application to a funding source, you must notify the office of the assistant superintendent of your desire to solicit funds.

  2. Before writing your grant application, the following questions must be answered to get Treasurer’s approval to solicit the funds. The answers can usually be found in the Request For Proposals (RFP):

  • Will you receive a check or will we need to be reimbursed for expenses?

  • What is the fiscal year of the funding provider (July-June; Sept-Aug; Jan-Dec)?

  • What are the procedures for obtaining the monies? (attach a copy of instructions.)

  • Deadline for funds to be Encumbered (on the books)? Expended (paid out)?

  1. Following approval by the Treasurer, you may proceed with writing the grant application.

  2. One copy of the initial grant application must be sent to Yolanda Lee for submission to the Board of Education for approval.

  3. If your grant is approved by the funding source, send a copy of the approval letter, and all funds received, to Yolanda Lee. She will process the file, forward a memo to the recipient explaining spending procedures, and forward the check to the Treasurer so it may be put on the appropriations at the next Board meeting.

  4. If the grant is denied, please send notification to Yolanda Lee so the file may be processed out.

  5. Any budget changes or any other correspondence pertaining to the grant must be sent to James Fadel.

  6. Upon completion of the grant, process any final reports that are necessary and forward copies to the Treasurer and, if necessary, Yolanda Lee.

Any financial information needed during the course of the grant period may be obtained by contacting James Fadel in the Finance Department at 216.797.2948.

Grant Opportunities for Teachers

Below are links to various grant opportunities for teachers. If you know of any that are not listed, please contact Dominick Ferlito dferlito@euclidschools.org with details.