Facilities and Site Usage

In an effort to streamline the building rental process, we have implemented an online Facility Use Request Form, linked below.

Facility Request Procedure:

  1. Use the Euclid Schools Facility Use Request Form

    • The scheduling of facilities will be done on a quarterly basis as prescribed below. Each group wishing to use a Euclid Schools facility shall submit the Facility Use Request Form prior to the submission deadline listed below:

      • July, August, September - schedule submission by June 1st

      • October, November, December - schedule submission by September 1st

      • January, February, March - schedule submission by December 1st

      • April, May, June - schedule submission by March 1st

  2. The Executive Director of Business Operations will follow up with request submissions

  3. After following up with all timely requests, a public schedule will be published by the 20th of each submission month.

    • If facilities remain available once the schedule has been established, scheduling will be done on a first request basis.

    • In any event where facilities are needed for emergency uses, such as natural disasters, shelter needs and the like, those will take precedence over scheduled events.

    • The District reserves the right to cancel any scheduled event.

  4. Users may review the facility calendar via FMX.

Rental Forms and Documents:

Reminders: Please remember to upload your Insurance Liability Policy of $2,000,000, with Euclid Schools named as additionally insured, or you will not be approved. 

The philosophy of the Euclid Board of Education is to make available the excellent school facilities to the the Euclid Community, its people and organizations for their use.  As a community service, the Euclid Board of Education provides facilities within the various schools to be utilized by Euclid residents, Euclid community groups, organizations, and businesses within the limits of the Ohio Revised Code. Any activity carried on in school facilities shall be according to Ohio State Law and in conformity with Euclid City Ordinances and Euclid Board of Education policy. 

Priority Usage: To be more effective in the pursuit of adding more community programming to our campus, we have revised our policy and administrative guidelines to formalize our commitment to the community. As of February 2023, rental groups will be categorized into 5 categories: Student Groups, School Affiliated Community Groups, Non-profit Community Groups, Private Non-profit Groups, and Commercial Users. Please see the Facility Rental Fees document HERE that outlines the definitions of each category along with the associated costs for each category.

Facility Contacts

Patrick Higley
Executive Director of Business Operations
(216) 797-2911

Vance Marbury
Operations Coordinator
(216) 797-2904

Malik Billingsley
Facilities Coordinator
(216) 797-2913

Board Policy and Administrative Guidelines

Euclid Schools Facilities

  • Euclid Community Stadium

  • Sparky DiBiasio Stadium

  • Euclid Soccer Stadium

  • Stanic Field

  • Varsity Softball Field

  • JV Softball Field

  • Diamond 7

  • Early Learning Village Field (Near)

  • Early Learning Village Field (Far)

  • Shore Field

  • Panther Field House

  • Daugherty Gymnasium

  • Euclid Booster Gymnasium

  • Euclid Varsity Pool

  • Arbor Elementary Gymnasium

  • Bluestone Elementary Gymnasium

  • Chardon Hills STEM School Gymnasium

  • Shoreview Elementary Gymnasium

  • Early Learning Village Gymnasium