School Cancellation & Delay FAQ

The decision to delay or cancel school is based on a number of factors, including temperatures and road conditions both at the time school starts as well as throughout the school day. Our goal is to announce a closure or delay as soon as we can, so we are constantly monitoring weather forecasts and will make an announcement the night before whenever possible.

When weather conditions are such that we are unable to make a determination the night before, the process resumes around 2 a.m. the next morning when the Superintendent and a team of school district employees assess the conditions by reviewing temperatures, wind chills and snow accumulation, as well as driving in assigned areas throughout the district. After evaluating the weather and road safety, the team discusses the conditions, along with reports from other area schools, local meteorologists and any law enforcement officials they have contacted. The Superintendent reviews all of the reports and generally makes the decision to close or delay school between 5:30 and 6:00 am.

In regards to temperatures, we will consider canceling school for the day if the local temperature is lower than -15 (Farenheit) degrees with the wind chill included. Please understand there are many sources reporting on temperatures and wind chills. We continually monitor a number of these sources to best determine the current conditions as well as what the conditions are likely to be throughout the day.

Keep in mind, two-hour delays interrupt our normal bus schedules, causing our buses to travel in different traffic patterns, which may delay their arrival. This has the potential to make matters worse by exposing students to cold weather longer as they wait for their bus. For this reason, any decision to delay will be based on the likelihood that it will not make safety concerns worse.

When school is delayed or canceled, we work quickly to inform the community using a variety of communication methods. A phone message is sent out using Euclid's rapid calling system. We also immediately notify local television stations and post a message on the district's website, Twitter feed (@EuclidSchools) and Facebook page ( In addition, we will send the announcement out as an email, text and, for those who have the District's mobile app, a push notification.

In the event that a school building needs to be closed or delayed in opening for factors other than weather, such as safety, power outage or other utility outage, we will work to keep families notified as soon as possible using the same communication methods.

As a reminder, families should ensure that their InfiniteCampus account information is accurate as our communication system is based on the contact information provided in InfiniteCampus.

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