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The Euclid Schools Communication Department is committed to providing all stakeholders with news and information that is pertinent to the Euclid Schools. Through our weekly Panther Press, stakeholders can get a weekly update to ongoing initiatives and events throughout the district. We also take great responsibility in managing the Euclid Schools brand.

The Euclid Schools believes that effective communications are important to building productive relationships with parents, students, staff and community members. Through our website,, and our social media - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube - we post regularly to keep followers updated with the latest information and accomplishments. The Communications Department is committed to proactive and transparent engagement with its social media followers, providing interesting and timely posts.

2023-2024 Marketing Plan

Euclid Schools Branding Guide


Dominick FerlitoFridley

Dominick Ferlito

PR/Marketing Coordinator
216 797-2962

Chelsea Blaha

Chelsea Blaha

Marketing & Communications Content Specialist
216 797-2930

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