Student Work Permit Application

PLEASE READ the following instructions and click here to download the work permit application.

General Information:

  • A work permit is required for all minors, ages 14 through 17, who have obtained employment. When a student changes jobs or adds a job, he or she must obtain a new work permit. Once a minor turns 18 years old or graduates from high school, a work permit is no longer required.

  • The student must bring the completed work permit application to Mrs. Miezin in the Career Tech Office at Euclid High School between the hours of 7:30am & 2:15pm daily when school is in session. When school is not in session, students may bring completed work permit applications to the Registration Department at the Board of Education between the hours of 9 & 3pm daily.  

  • The information on the attached application form will be entered into the Ohio Bureau of Wage & Hour Administration’s website for work permits. Your official work permit will be printed from this website.

  • Parents MAY NOT return the completed application for the student. The student MUST sign the final work permit.

  • Students who do not attend Euclid City Schools will take their completed work permit application to the school where they are currently attending. This includes charter schools, on-line schools, and private schools.