Title I

Description of Fund

Title I operates as a part of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965 (formerly known as the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001). Among the features of Title I of Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) are sanctions for schools that do not make measurable academic achievement. The Title I Department is responsible for providing the necessary leadership and assistance to schools to ensure that the intent of the legislation is carried out.

Title I, Part A funds are distributed to school districts based on four distinct funding formulas as affected by census poverty data. Districts determine which eligible buildings are to participate based on federal requirements and local decisions. Targeted Assistance buildings must direct services to specific at-risk students above and beyond services provided by regular state and local resources. School wide buildings may use the funds for school-wide activities intended to improve outcomes across the building. The purpose of this funding is to provide supplemental funding to economically disadvantaged districts and some of their eligible schools for improving educational outcomes for students who are failing or at risk of failing to meet State standards.

In the Euclid City School District, our four Elementary Schools and two Middle Schools receive Title I Funds and Services. All six schools are service as school-wide buildings. The major areas of focus for Title I programs are reading and mathematics. The major components of Title I Programs are comprehensive needs assessments, research-based strategies, data-driven decision making for improvement, professional learning, and parental involvement.

Title I provides support and resources to schools; encourages the use of continuous assessment and data-driven educational decision-making; and assists schools in creating the alignment of teacher training, scientifically based strategies, educational best practices, and instructional materials with State curriculum standards.

Please reference Euclid City School District Bylaws and Policy #2111 for Parent Involvement Policy and #2261.01 for Parent Participation in Title I Programs Policy.

Current Programming

  • Language Arts and Math Coaches at the Elementary Schools and Middle Schools.

  • Language Art and Math Tutors at the Elementary Schools

  • “First In Math” online service for all Elementary and Middle School students

  • Math Tutors using “Do The Math Now” curriculum at the Middle Schools

  • Language Art Tutors supporting the 100 Book Challenge at the Middle Schools

  • Family Liaisons at the Elementary Buildings

  • Parenting Partner Classes at the Elementary Schools and Middle Schools

  • Winter Family Nights at the Elementary Buildings


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