SAT Test Graphic

Dear Euclid Parent(s)/Guardian(s), 

On Wednesday, March 1, 2023 Euclid High School will administer the SAT test during the school day to all 11th grade students. Students in the 9th, 10th, and 12th grades will not report to school on March 1, 2023. 11th grade students will report to the building by 7:30 am.

The SAT supports success in school and can help your student on their career path. The SAT includes a Reading Test, Writing and Language Test, and Math Test. All 11th grade Euclid students are registered for the SAT and there is no cost to your family. The building will only be open for 11th grade students to take the SAT and for 12th grade CTE students.

As required by the SAT, students that are testing will be required to show a form of identification (Drivers license, State ID, or School ID). Please see the additional details section and the “SAT Frequently Asked Questions” section below for more information. 

*Please contact Daiva Coy via email at for specific questions on a student’s grade level placement or testing accommodations. 

March 1st Additional Details:

  • Students in the 9th, 10th, and 12th grades that are not in a CTE program will not report to school. 

  • Testing will begin for all 11th grade students, including those enrolled in EVLA and Panther Academy, at 7:30 am. Doors will open at 7:15 am. 

    • EVLA and Panther Academy Students will test at the High School and should report to Door 1 upon arrival.

    • All other 11th grade students will enter the building through Door 13, as usual.

    • Testing room assignments will be shared with students on Monday, February 27th.

    • Testing will conclude and students will be dismissed from the building at approximately 12:30 pm.

      • Students that receive extended time will be dismissed once testing is complete. 

    • Students will receive breakfast prior to testing and lunch will be provided following testing. 

    • The College Board offers a College Planning Option. Parent/Guardian consent is required for students to participate. 

      • Consent Forms will be given to students and should be returned to the Main Office of your student’s building by  Monday, February 27th. 

For CTE Students: 

  • Any 12th grade student that participates in a CTE program should report ONLY for their CTE Program.

    • 12th graders in a Euclid CTE program should report to the building at 10:45 am and will be dismissed at 2:15 pm

    • Any 12th grade student that participates in an out-of-district CTE program (Mentor High School, Lakeland Community College, Auburn Career Center) will still attend programs and transportation will be provided as normal.  

      • Students should arrive at Euclid High School at their normally scheduled departure time. 

      • Lunch will be provided at the normally scheduled time. 

  • 11th grade CTE students should report to EHS for testing, they will be excused from their CTE program.

SAT Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. How much does the SAT cost and how do I register?

The SAT is free and we have already registered all 11th graders for the test. There is nothing more you need to do for registration.  

  1. How can I view my child’s SAT scores?

Your child can create a student account on With a College Board account, students can access their SAT scores online and send them to colleges of their choice.

  1. Where can I find more information on the SAT?

For more information about College Board and the Ohio SAT School Day, please visit the College Board website at

  1. What is the College Planning Option?

The College Board provides planning services such as college information, financial aid information, and scholarship information. To participate in this service, students complete a questionnaire on test day before testing begins. Information about potential scholarships and programs that meet your child's career goals is provided. Parent/Guardian consent is required. Your student will receive a copy of the consent form and a SAT Practice book. Consent forms should be returned to the Main Office of your student’s building by Monday, February 27th. 

  1. Does the College Board share data?

Your child's school and district will receive their SAT scores, as well as the information your child provides on the optional questionnaire, through a secure online portal. Your child's school and district receive these scores to assist them in understanding student performance and helping your child understand their results. The Ohio Department of Education will receive student scores based only on a student number. Student names or demographic information will not be shared.