Board Meeting Breakdown. A recap of what took place at the Board Meeting this Week.

The Euclid Board of Education met on September 14, 2022, in the Early Learning Village Auditorium at 7:00 pm.

The meeting was called to order at 7:02 pm by Board President Kathy DeAngelis, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.

Four Board Members were present. Vice-President Donna Sudar was unable to attend the meeting.

The Board reviewed and approved the agenda for the evening. They also adopted the minutes for the Board Meetings on August 10th, 24th and 31st.

There was no Legislative Liaison Report or Student Liaison Report. There were no Visitor Comments Relative to the Agenda.

The Board also approved two exciting Proclamations. The first proclamation recognized October 10-14th as National School Lunch Week. The Second proclamation recognized October 17-21st as National School Bus Safety Week.

Teachers that were recently hired were introduced to the Board that evening; in total 42 teachers were recognized.

Following the excitement of recognizing the new teachers, the Board took a break to enjoy some refreshments and meet the new teachers.

Reports and Recommendations of the Treasurer

This portion of the meeting covered the financial data of the district. Euclid Schools Treasurer Steve Vasek led the Board Members through District Financial statements.

“Year-to-date revenues in the general fund, through August, totaled $26.4 million compared to $23.4 million last year,” Vasek said. “Expenditures were $13 million compared to $9.5 million last year. Year-to-date expenditures will continue to exceed last year's, but part of that is an artificial increase as we switched our semi-monthly payroll dates. We will make up that excess in June.”

The Board also approved a resolution transferring $2.6 million in interest earnings to access funds from the most recent Bond Issue.

Reports and Recommendations of the Superintendent

  • Personnel

    • The Board approved several personnel moves within the district. Included in this were resignations, hirings, job descriptions, salary schedules, and job pay rates.

  • Contracts/Agreements

    • The Board approved an amendment to the Lease Agreement Euclid Schools has with Right at School Before and After Care. This amendment was created to adjust for lower-than-expected numbers of families taking advantage of Right at School. The Chardon Hills location will remain open because it has the most students enrolled. The district will transport students to/from other schools to Chardon Hills and parents will drop-off and/or pick-up their children from Chardon Hills.

    • The Board authorized a contract with Goodfellas BBQ to run Concession Stands at Athletic events around the school. The contract will raise $40,000 for our athletic programs which is similar to the donation to the athletic department the Booster Club averaged in past years.

    • The Board approved a service agreement with Koss Educational Consulting. This service agreement will provide professional development and modeling support for ELV staff for special learners with significant cognitive disabilities. This agreement will be paid for by IDEA funds, not out of the general budget.

  • Annual Agreements

    • The Board approved agreements with Making a Difference Consulting and Ohio Guidestone to provide a Behavioral Health and Wellness Specialist for both Euclid High School and Euclid Middle School. Both of these positions are funded by the Ohio Mental Health & Addiction Services in partnership with the Ohio Department of Education and Miami University’s Ohio School Wellness Initiative.

    • The Board approved an agreement with Handle with Care Behavior Management to provide recertification training for our in-house Handle with Care trainers.

    • The Board approved an agreement with Step Forward, which is an annual agreement to provide Head Start services at the ELV.

    • The Board approved an agreement with Cuyahoga Community College to provide Euclid High School Students with College Credit Plus Programs that allow them to earn college credits while in high school.

    • The Board approved PSI Agreements with SS Agatha & Aloysius and SS Robert and Williams parochial schools.


  • The Board accepted three donations. The first donation, 40,000 sanitizing wipes from Nature’s Fusion in partnership with the Cleveland Clinic was valued at $120,000 and were used during the Covid Pandemic to provide students with sanitized learning spaces. The second donation, water and mood-changing pencils, from Euclid Public Library, were valued at $70 and will be used as PBIS rewards at Euclid High School. The third donation, a $50 gift card from Costco, will also be used for the PBIS rewards system at the High School.

  • The Board approved Transportation in lieu of for students who do not attend Euclid Schools.

  • The Board approved the PreK on My Way Program curriculum program to be used across content areas in our Preschool. This includes staff professional development and curriculum classroom kits. This program will be ESSER funded.

  • The Board approved the Focus 3: Journey to Elite Program to be used at Euclid High School. EHS Principal Corey Russell gave a presentation at the August 31 Board Meeting about the Focus 3 Program and how it will be implemented at the High School. Focus 3 will be used to help develop a culture of success and accountability within the school.

Superintendent’s Informal

  • Superintendent Papouras prepared a few comments about the events that took place on Friday, September 9th. He has also written a letter that is included in this week’s Panther Press.

  • Superintendent Papouras talked about Stay in the Game Attendance Week in the Euclid Schools. “We’ve partnered with the Cleveland Browns Foundation to tackle attendance and chronic absenteeism,” Papouras said. “At the last preseason game a Euclid Middle School Student–and former Chardon Hills Student–was named the ‘kick-off kid’ for that game. I actually got to go to that game and saw Blessing!”

  • Superintendent Papouras also spoke about the State School Report cards that came out this week. He has also written a letter that is included in this week’s Panther Press.

Public Participation

  • Two community members spoke during the public participation portion of the Meeting. Both community members expressed their concern about safety at the schools and were supportive of the initiatives that the District has in place.

The Meeting adjourned at 7:58 pm.