Board Meeting Breakdown

The Euclid Board of Education met on November 9th, 2022, in the Fordyce Administration Building Board Room at 7:00 pm.

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm by Board President Kathy DeAngelis, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.

All five Board Members were present. Superintendent Papouras was not in attendance due to illness. Assistant Superintendent Brown spoke on his behalf.

The Board reviewed and approved the agenda for the evening.

The Board Adopted the Minutes from the October 12, 18, and 26th Board Meetings

There were no Visitor Comments Relative to the Agenda.

Euclid Middle School Recognitions and Presentations

  • Four outstanding Euclid Middle School Students were recognized at the meeting for Student of the Month. All of the Students honored have received multiple positive referrals, excellent grades and have two or fewer absences this year. 

    • Tyara B.

    • Cordae C.

    • Brooklyn J.

    • Janie R.

  • Staff Members Doris Coe and Stephanie Walker were recognized as Staff Members of the Month for the positive impact they had on school culture and our families.      

  • Teacher John Elliott was recognized as Faculty Member of the Month for his initiative of organizing and implementing an advisory program for students.

  •  Ms. Shanel Walker was recognized as Family Member of the Month. The mother of an EMS Student, Ms. Walker has been a supportive parent during difficult times in our community.

  • Principal Michael Mennel, Assistant Principals Chris Moore, Sherri Daniels and Bryan McCrystal continued the presentation by discussing positive events and programs that have been implemented at the middle school. 

  • The three positive focus areas were:

    • Curriculum and Instruction

    • PBIS Initiatives and School Culture

    • Community and Family Engagement

Reports and Recommendations of the Treasurer

  • Financial Data

    • Mr. Vasek presented the bills and financial statements for the month of October along with Then & Now transaction listings. The Board Approved the Financial Data.

  • Consider and Accept - Hydro S Farming Unit

    • Mr. Vasek presented a proposal and initiative submitted by Josh Stephens, Urban Agriculture Teacher.

    • Josh Stephens presented the goal of the initiative, which is to fund a Freight Farms Greenery S Container farm for students enrolled in the Urban Agriculture program and the Euclid community. The Board Approved $60,000 to fund this proposal. 

  • Consider and Accept Donation - Class of 1967 & Sue Withers

    • The Board accepted a donation of $1,500 from the Class of 1967 in support of the Euclid High School Music Department.

    •  The Board accepted a donation of $100 from Sue Withers in support of the PBIS Program.

Reports and Recommendations of the Superintendent

  • Personnel

    • The Board approved changes to Administrative, Certified and Classified personnel in the form of resignations, appointments, terminations, classification changes, extra-duty, athletic duty, salary schedules and educational program additions/reductions.

    • The approved MOU for additional Professional Development Days for the District.

  • Contracts/Agreements

    • The Board approved a proposal for Boarddocs LT. 

    • The Board approved an agreement for Rewire LLC.

    • The Board approved the authorization contract for TLC Transportation Company 2022-23.

  • Miscellaneous

    • The Board approved a Science Curriculum Adoption Committee

    • The Board approved Annual Food Service Nutrition Report

    • The Board approved Resolution to Declare Transportation Impractical

    • The Board approved accepting of various donations

    • The Board approved policy revisions - 2nd and Final Reading for policy 2280 on preschool program

    • The Board approved policy revisions - 1st reading  

Public Participation

  • There was no Public Participation.

Superintendent’s Informal

  • Superintendent Papouras was not in attendance for this board meeting. Assistant Superintendent Brown spoke on his behalf.

  • Assistant Superintendent Brown discussed how Mr. Papouras had the opportunity to go around the district last week to recognize staff members who won grants from the Euclid Schools Foundation. In total, $90,000 was granted in support of Euclid Schools programs and initiatives. 

  • Mrs. Brown informed everyone of the opening of the Panther Wellness Center coming in December. This is a partnership between Euclid Schools and NEON Healthcare to provide free healthcare to Euclid students. 

  • Assistant Superintendent Brown recognized this past weekend’s successful drive thru distribution in partnership with Operation Ten City. The Boys Basketball team helped members of the Jubilee Church and several other organizations pass out items.

  • Mrs. Brown also mentioned that Euclid Schools will host the OHSAA Semifinal Football game between St. Ignatius High School and St. Edwards High School this Friday. The game is expected to be sold out and will be broadcasted on Spectrum TV.

  • Assistant Superintendent Brown reminded everyone that the Euclid Bistro is now open to the public.

Board Member’s Informal

  • There was no Board Member Informal

The Meeting adjourned at 9:00pm.