Board Meeting Breakdown. A recap of what took place at the Board Meeting this Week.

The Euclid Board of Education met on January 11, 2023, in the Euclid High School Auditorium at 7:00 pm.

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm by Board President Kathy DeAngelis, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.

Four Board Members were present. Board Member Pamela Turos was not in attendance.

The Board recommended nominations for President of the Board of Education. Kathy DeAngelis was elected as President of the Board of Education.

The Board recommended nominations for Vice President of the Board of Education. Gabrielle Kelly was elected as Vice President of the Board of Education

The Board reviewed and approved the agenda for the evening. 

Superintendent Papouras proclaimed January 2023 as School Board Recognition Month. All Board Members were recognized for their dedicated service to our children.

The Board adopted the minutes for the December 14, 2022 Board Meeting.

The Board accepted the dates for 2023 Board Meetings.

The Board Appointed Pam Turos as the Board’s Legislative Liaison and Selina Wright as the Student Achievement Liaison.

The Board Appointed Donna Sudar as the Board’s appoint member to the Tax Incentive Review Committee

The Board Appointed Gabrielle Kelly as the Board’s Urban Commission Representative

The Board Appointed Donna Sudar as a representative to the City of Euclid Recreation Commission.

There were no Visitor Comments Relative to the Agenda.

Chardon Hills STEM School Recognitions and Presentations

27 outstanding Chardon Hills Students were recognized at the meeting for Student of the Month. These students were acknowledged for maintaining perfect attendance and referral free. The following students were recognized


Didaraloluwa Ajifowabaje     Justin Keaton                    Mia Smith     

Trandon Davis                          Allen Kirkpatrick               Amir Wagner

Braylen Gray                            De'Nish Massey                Jay'Mell Wallace

Nevell Green                            Enyla Muthra                    Delaney Walley

Alyssa Hart                              Carter Pruitt                      Dylan Walley

Betty Ibironke                          Dont'E Pruitt                     Camyla Whitfield

Richard Ibironke                       Kayden Pruitt                   Dylan Williams

Anabella Jones                         Lorielle Robinson               Kameron Williams

Aria Jordan                              Elizabeth Ruks                  Layla Williams

Staff Member Karen Kirchner was recognized as Staff Member of the Month for her selflessness and always putting others’ needs before her own.

Teacher Julia Dolce-Megyes was recognized as Faculty Member of the Month for being an extraordinary educator delivering effective teaching that includes an engaging classroom presence, value in real-world learning, exchange of best practices and a lifelong love of learning.

Ms. Lyniece Turner and Ms. Lynda Turner were recognized as Family Members of the Month. Ms. Turner (mother) and Ms. Turner (grandmother) have been active family members of Chardon Hills since their student was in kindergarten. Both the parent and the grandparent volunteer at every school event and have been members of the parent committee.

Principal Stacie Spears and Assistant Principal Dr. Donisha Bailey continued the presentation by presenting Chardon Hills STEM School. During the presentation, Ms. Spears and Dr. Bailey areas of focus included:

  • Building Climate and Positive Intervention
    Tier 1

      • Friday’s Child highlights a student from each class who has been respectful, responsible and ready to learn. Students also select teachers for Teacher of the Week.

      • Students who are selected for Student of the Month are recognized by receiving a Student of the Month t-shirt, a breakfast and certificate that is displayed in the hallway.

      • Events that students are able to participate in at the tier 1 level includes Zenworks Yoga, All That and a Bag of Chips, Preston the Panther and Happy Feet Walking Club. 

    • Tier 2

      • Student Groups - are facilitated by Mr. Steve Johnson.

      • Check-ins and Check-outs - students have the opportunity to select a mentor that they can check-in with at the beginning of the day and check-out with at the end of the day.

    • Tier 3

      • A counselor from Ohio Guidestones comes to Chardon Hills to provide 30 minute intense sessions with students.

  • STEM

    • Chardon Hills has established a STEM committee that actively researching and seeking the Ohio Department of Education STEM designations

    • Chardon Hills received a great deal of resources and materials from the Great Lakes Science Center who recently received a grant through the Martha Holdings Jennings Foundation. Each grade has worked on STEM projects with the Great Lakes Science Center. Projects include building a robot and a flashlight.

    • Charon Hills has also included a Science and Design Encore. For example, students had to design a study structure out of  4 popsicle sticks and 4 cups to prevent gummy bears from falling off of the structure.  

    • STEM Around the World Day - 5th grade students facilitated 12 stations that addressed 6 countries and problems they face. Students from other grade levels were given a passport that they took to each station to learn about the solution the 5th grade students presented.

  • Engagement

    • Principal Spears provided examples of how families have engaged with Chardon Hills. These events include: PTA events and Family Movie Night, Father’s Day Walk. Upcoming events include Family Literacy Night and Family STEM Night.

    •  Family School Partnership Committee comprises of parents and staff members. This committee discusses current concerns and ways to continue school excellence.

    • Chardon Hills continues their partnership with the AARP tutors, veterans and Making A Difference Consulting.

    • Chardon Hills begins to 

  • Chardon Hills Celebrations

    • Stay in the Game Winners - Chardon Hills was recognized for having the highest attendance rate in the district.

Reports and Recommendations of the Treasurer

  • This portion of the meeting covered the financial data of the district. Euclid Schools Treasurer Steve Vasek led the Board Members through District Financial Statements.

  • The Board approved the Financial Data and approved items involving transfers, securing funds from taxes and approving health care rates.

  • The Board approved Treasurer to sign all payroll checks and warrants issued by the Board of Education of the Euclid City School District.

  • The Board approved the Treasurer be authorized to invest funds in U.S. Securities and/or Bank Time Deposits for 2023.

  • The Board approved appointing the Treasurer as the Board's Designee for Public Records Training.

  • The Board adopted the budget for the 2024 fiscal year.

  • The Board approved the credit card maximum amount limit for the year 2023.

  • The Board appointed law firms for the calendar year 2023

Reports and Recommendations of the Superintendent

  • Personnel

    • The Board approved changes to Administrative, Certified and Classified personnel in the form of resignations, terminations, retirements, permanent substitute appointments, non-teaching appointments, non-teaching assignments extra duty, athletic duty, athletic duty resignations

  • Contracts/Agreements

    • The Board approved a revised tuition agreement for the 2022-23 school year with other districts and agencies to provide services to Euclid students.

  • Miscellaneous

    • The Board approved a resolution to declare transportation impractical. This particular time the district will provide payment in lieu of two students.

    • The Board approved a motion to approve revised Board policies.

Public Participation

  • There was no Public Participation

Superintendent’s Informal

  • Superintendent Papouras emphasized the importance of attendance in the midst of the new year. He discussed the district’s partnership with the Cleveland Browns Foundation’s Stay in the Game initiative. This month each school will have its own competition where students will earn a ticket for each week of perfect attendance.

  • Superintendent Papouras reminded the audience that there is no school on Monday in observance of Martin Luther King Day.

  • Mr. Papouras informed the Board that a district survey was sent to parents in relation to Elementary Education in Euclid Schools.

  • Superintendent Papouras emphasized the appreciation he has for the Board and thanked them for their work and dedication to the Euclid Schools.  

Board Member’s Informal

  • Board Member Sudar shared her experience as an audience member of the winter holiday concerts where Euclid Middle School and High School Orchestras and Bands performed.

New Business

  • There were no New Business items

The Meeting adjourned at 8:15pm.