Facility Rental & Use Graphic featuring Stanic Field, Daugherty Gymnasium, DiBiasio Stadium, Euclid Community Stadium, Soccer Field, and Swimming Pool

The Euclid Board of Education approved a revised facility rental and request procedure at the February Regular Board Meeting. This new procedure will streamline the request process while ensuring a fair and equitable allocation of District facilities. The Euclid Schools has long taken the position that the school buildings are community assets. We have worked with the City, Recreation Department and Community Groups for decades to host recreation and community-sponsored programs that have included adult volleyball leagues, adult and youth basketball leagues, lap swimming, adult and youth softball leagues and youth football programs.

We are eager to explore adding even more Community and Recreation Department-sponsored programs to our facilities. We continue to commit to the 18-hour Campus Promise.

To be more effective in the pursuit of adding more programming to our campus, we have revised our policy and administrative guidelines to formalize our commitment to the community and create efficiencies in scheduling our facilities. We are thrilled to complete this work and continue our drive and goal of becoming #OneEuclid.

To read the revised policy and administrative guidelines, use the links listed below:

The new policy categorizes rentals into 5 categories: Student Groups, School Affiliated Community Groups, Non-profit Community Groups, Private Non-profit groups, and Commercial Users. Please see the attached Facility Rental Fees document HERE that outlines the definitions of each category along with the associated costs for each category.

Student Groups and School Affiliated Community Groups will not be charged rental fees for Euclid Schools Facilities–the only costs associated with the request would be for labor outside of the normal workday. The other groups are outlined on the Euclid City School Facility Rental Fees document referenced earlier.

Another result of the newly adopted policy is a new facility use request procedure. Those wishing to request to use a Euclid Schools Facility must submit a request via the Facility Use Request Google Form included HERE.

The scheduling of facilities will be done on a quarterly basis as prescribed below. All groups will submit the Facility Use Request Form prior to the submission deadline listed below.

  • July, August, September - schedule submission by June 1st

  • October, November, December - schedule submission by September 1st

  • January, February, March - schedule submission by December 1st

  • April, May, June - schedule submission by March 1st

Scheduling preference will be given first based on category, then by the largest number of Euclid Student participants, and then by the number of Euclid community participants. After a follow-up of requests, a public schedule will be published by the 20th of each submission month. If facilities remain available once the schedule has been established, scheduling will be on a first request basis. In any and all cases where facilities are needed for emergency uses, such as natural disasters, shelter needs and the like will take precedence.

Our intention with this new policy is to provide an easy and equitable process for the community, City, Recreation Department, and community groups to use our facilities. For more information regarding the use of Euclid Schools Facilities, please do not hesitate to contact the Euclid Schools Business Department at (216) 797-2911. We want the Euclid Community in their Euclid Schools Buildings as much as possible as we unite as #OneEuclid.